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Welcome, Here's Me

My name is Derek Prater and I'm a digital creator out of Chicago. I'm a father, artist, entrepreneur, and horticulture enthusiast. I believe that building relationships that last is how you build great brands and partnerships with measurable results.

Our approach to the uniqueness of our designs is only limited by customer imagination and software functionality, so pretty much limitless. We've evolved our brand and can't wait to share our growth with current and future clients.

The Change

I remember "On January 1, 2020" I woke up to an article about cannabis finally being legal in Chicago. I like many had always been an enthusiast but more than that I admired its structure and abilities (funny I know, but true). So once I got my medical card, I could legally explore my curiosities and decided to start educating myself and those willing to listen along the way on the uses and benefits of cannabis. Horticulture became an amazing and mind-opening hobby allowing me to be more creative in my digital work. Operating since 2017 and team established in 2019.

I realized one day how bored I'd become with my brand and how it felt incomplete, I had a brain blast after noticing the growing market for cannabis in Chicago and decided to make a change. So I combined my passion for horticulture and hip-hop to reach a new market that I love to interact with.

We Find Problems

I am a confident and competent designer who does support 420 culture and I want to assist all in the market who are having a hard time finding proper development for their brand platform that isn't half-baked or thrown together by someone who doesn't understand or appreciate the culture or an entrepreneur starting or running a business.

We have worked with a number of startups and large brands but recently we refocused to work more with emerging industries like cannabis, gaming, influencers, and all other entrepreneurs as well as current industries like real estate, dental, and restaurants. Because honestly most digital marketing agencies are afraid to even touch anything considered taboo or that won't get them clicks.

We Create Solutions

That's where my team and I come in. Our goal is to build a platform where all industries big, small, or even questionable can come to create a custom digital home on the internet for clients, fans, and shoppers alike. We develop innovative websites and designs that take client visions even further than they imagined possible, but that's only the start. 

Anyways, Thanks for checking us out! 

Website Development

We build custom website designs for any brand or niche. Let's build yours.

SEO Optimization

Search engine optimized websites with retina image display; for clean and searchable websites.

Video Promo/Dev

From promotions and advertisements to intros and outros, we got you!

Content Development

We create eye-catching content that stops scrolls every time. Who wants to go viral?

Social Media

We build amazing profiles, banners, and more to give you an amazing social profile.

Custom Art/Designs

Taking your needs seriously, and bringing your ideas to life with the right kind of solutions.

Clik To Create

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Digital Artist - Designer

We take proven strategies for online conversions and combine them with quality design methods. We want to give you quick, easy-to-use, and beautiful websites and we do it effortlessly!

Digital Artist - Designer

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Passion Inspired Work

Passion Inspired Work

Based out of Chicago we take all of its beauty and inspiration and apply it to our work.

Design For Everyone

Design For Everyone

We create designs and experiences for all industries and business sizes.

Business Consulting

Business Consulting

We can help you identify opportunities and assess any gaps in your business during the project.
We operate clean, cool and efficient.

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