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Let's learn more about you and your business.
Use These Questionnaires to give detailed information necessary for the success of your current or future projects. This helps streamline work and paint a better picture of your desired goals.

Website Design Questionnaire

Hello! I’m so excited to get started working on your new website. To keep us on track and gain a better scope of the project, please help me get to know you, and your business better. 

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1. Describe your business/industry mission. What’s your elevator pitch?

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2. What are your key values? Use 3 words that describe your business.

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3. What are your brand colors? Do you have a logo or mascot?

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4. What is the feel and theme of your site? (ex. professional, artistic, modern, etc.)

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5. What are your top 3 goals for this project? You may add more as needed.

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6. What are some challenges you currently face?

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7. What type of website are you building? (Choose at least 1)

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8. What is your niche? A specialized segment of business or service. (ex. music, beauty, fashion)

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9. Will you need eCommerce management services? (Product import/export, product content, inventory management, etc.)

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10. Optional - Do you have the categories you will be displaying? These are more specific than categories (eyewear, t-shirts, jeans, etc.)

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11. Are you currently shipping your products? If so, what shipping service? What’s the average shipping and delivery time?

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12. Will you need content development services? (about us, blogs, slogans, etc.)

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13. Will you be providing any content (image or written) requiring placement?

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14. Do you have any related social media accounts you’d like included on your website? List all below.

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15. Tick any additional functionality you are interested in below. (Optional)

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16. Additional Notes?

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17. What’s your deadline and budget?

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While many of our clients face similar business and technology challenges, no two businesses are alike. A successful business cannot be built without a well-defined business strategy.

A well-defined strategy is only as good as the plan put in place to operationalize it. We recognize that every business is unique and therefore requires a customized strategic touch.

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