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Content Development

Unlock Your Business's Potential with a High-Performing Website

Discover the Power of an Integrated Website to Supercharge Your Business Growth. Take the leap today to create your dream website independently or entrust our expert team to bring it to life for you.

Discover the Magic of Content: How a Single 800-Word Article Can Ripple Effect and Reach Thousands, Unleashing a Torrent of Traffic. Witness the Transformation as Your Authority Soars in Your Industry. Embrace the Power of Content Creation to Propel Your Business to New Heights and Solidify Your Expertise in Your Area of Business.

Authoritative Articles & Case Studies

 Your Pathway to Becoming an Industry Authority. Through Well-Researched Articles and Compelling Case Studies, You Can Showcase Expertise and Establish Trust with Your Audience. Witness the Impact of Content that Captivates, Driving Organic Traffic and Elevating Your Brand’s Reputation. Embrace the Art of Authoritative Content.

Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Your Key to Building a Strong Online Presence. Engage Your Audience, Create Brand Awareness, and Foster Meaningful Connections. Witness the Remarkable Benefits of Strategic Social Media Content in Boosting Engagement, Driving Traffic, and Amplifying Your Company’s Reach. Embrace the Potential of Social Media and Take Your Business to New Heights!”

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

- Albert Einstein

Interactive Content

Your Gateway to Captivating Audiences and Driving Meaningful Engagements. From Quizzes and Polls to Interactive Infographics. Embrace the Power of Interactive Content to Build Brand Awareness, Increase Customer Engagement, and Fuel Business Growth. Discover How Interactive Content Can Elevate Your Company’s Marketing Strategy and Catapult Your Business.

SEO & Keyword Research

Your Path to Higher Rankings and Increased Website Traffic. By Optimizing Your Content and Website for Relevant Keywords, You Can Attract Targeted Audiences, Boost Brand Visibility, and Outshine Your Competitors. Embrace the Power of SEO and Keyword Research to Catapult Your Company’s Online Presence and Achieve Remarkable Business Growth!


Content Marketing Tip

At their core, keywords are one of — if not the most — single important components of a successful SEO campaign. Keywords refer to the words typed into a search box – be it on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. However, there is much more to keywords than just that.

The keywords typed into a search box reveal certain details about customers and how they go about searching for things. Knowing this, it’s important to target keywords that mimic your customer’s minds and search tendencies.


  • Short-form blog
  • Long-form blog
  • Video content
  • Sales copy
  • Contest creation
  • Downloadables
  • Digital ads
  • Ebooks
  • Info content
  • Charts/Infographics
  • Stories (Tiktok/Insta)
  • Social post copy
  • Social post images
  • Email copy
  • Brand story
  • To name a few…

Why CLIK? Its Simple

Our Unique and Inspiring Process Yields Effective Functionality and Aesthetics!

Experience a One-of-a-Kind Client Journey: From Brainstorming Your Vision to Embracing Inspiration in Every Detail. Our In-House Culture Thrives on Fun, Learning, and Growth - Witness the Results Yourself!

Free Content Development Consultation

Choose the ones that align perfectly with your project goals and objectives. If you’re seeking a more personalized approach or need custom pricing, don’t hesitate to reach out for a free consultation. Our dedicated team is here to bring your vision to life and ensure your content stands out from the crowd. You may not see what you’re looking for or have more questions about custom pricing; if that’s the case book a meeting and I’m sure we can help!

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Pricing is subject to change after consultation. This is the starting rate with hosting, research and a basic design.

Ask About Kickstarter SEO

I'm happy you made it here because that means that you’re ready to launch your website! Now, we can get you ranking in google. Think of your website as the body of a premium car, but it doesn’t do much without an engine. Our SEO kickstart package serves as that engine and way to rank in the world of Search Engine Optimization.

This will aid in the growth of your site and brand as well as gathering new leads and generating real profit. Take advantage of our experience and expertise to to launch your website to rank in google!

  • Keyword Research
  • Install Google Analytics
  • Create XML Sitemap
  • Add ALT Tags
  • Page Meta Titles and Descriptions
  • Add Location to Google Maps
  • Search Engines Optimization
  • Business Local Directory Setup
  • 303 Re-Direct Setup
  •  All-In-One-SEO Plugin
  • Articles Starter Pack
  • Social Media Starter Pack

Is posting daily necessary?

Well, the short answer is, not really but if you want to, you can. In the past posting frequently was attributed to having a higher ranking and views, but now what you say is more important than how often you say it.


This puts the emphasis on quality and it also raises the point that now you’re really only as good as your last post so posting frequently means nothing if all you’re doing is posting mediocre or low-quality stuff and driving people away from your site or social media.

How can I create relevant content?

It’s not so much about being relevant as it is more about being helpful or valued. Some good examples of this are being able to speak to an audience’s pain points or frustrations and helping them solve them.


Another way is more obvious but still difficult for some and that’s to follow and talk about the current trends. (fashion, news, celebrities, etc.)


The last tip is, to appeal to emotions. This one can be strong if done right and with good intentions of course; a good example is targeting people who might be lonely during the holidays with content dedicated to them, Such as a free party for singles or a meet and greet, the value comes from helping those who would be lonely find others to be around and have genuine fun during the holidays.

What's an easy way to start creating content?

Be a storyteller. It’s easy to tell a story, especially if you experienced it firsthand. Try writing it down in scenes to make it easier to tell and talk to family and friends or even the internet for inspiration.

What is user generated content? (UGC)

Simply put UGC is content that gets your audience to interact with your brand, usually through an incentive, and can be really effective in growing your followers or shoppers on almost any platform.


To create your own UGC, you could start with a contest for example, or you can ask customers to get more creative. Ask them to send videos unboxing the product, engage them in a design remix challenge that spotlights the product, or have them take photos of them using the product.

How can you build trust with content?

When it comes to content creation strategy for the web, trust is generated through consistency in your message, a clear communication style, transparency of purpose, and the ability to establish engagement based on commonly shared values. Just be genuine.

Is the content SEO optimized?

The content produced is SEO optimized, and designed to rank based on the target keywords provided in briefing.

Does the writer do keyword research?

We will optimize the content based on our research on the topic and keywords provided or keywords can be sourced for you. We can also further assist you in finding the right keywords, phrases, matches/long-tails for other content. Contact us for more information.

How are images licensed for use?

The images provided with every article order are royalty-free. That means you can use the image(s) without the need to attribute the source. It’s Free.

Can I purchase content in bulk?

Absolutely! Bulk and single orders are available for purchase.

Can I request content with faster delivery?

Yes! This option is available for articles, social copy, and website copy only (usually) but we help however we can.

Who produces the content?

CLIK Creatives has brought together the expertise of vetted content copywriters, editors, and designers with years of experience across different topics and industries to develop content in-house.

What information will you need from me?

We don’t usually need much because of our amazing research team, but background information about your company and/or your product or service, examples of your previous advertising, and relevant promotional material. These are things that could help a project.


If you also have any thoughts with regards to the tone of voice, style of writing, proposed structure, mandatory inclusions, topics to be avoided, – basically, anything you can think of that might be of use to the project.


If you also have any thoughts with regards to the tone of voice, style of writing, proposed structure, mandatory inclusions, topics to be avoided, – basically, anything you can think of that might be of use to the project.

Do I own the rights and can I white-label my content?

Absolutely, 100%. Once you complete an order and payment is received in full, you can resell, publish, and distribute the content across various media channels, all under your company name. 

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